The Loving's Forge Series

Welcome to the friendly little town of Loving's Forge, in the beautiful Allegheny Highlands of Virginia! Have an old fashioned limeade at Dot's Drug Store, stop for a chat with Liam at the Shamrock Pub, and try one of Aunt Sally's prize winning peach pies at the annual Train Festival. Get to know the locals - men and women who have overcome obstacles to find love and happiness later in life. Like the scrappy little mountain town, they've gone through difficult times. But they're resilient, and they don't give up. Hearts may be broken, dreams may be shattered, but grit, hard work, and the courage to love again can work miracles!

If you believe in the importance of friendship and community, and that it's never too late to transform your life, this series is for you! Scroll down for more information on the Loving's Forge Series.

I Remember Loving You  (Book 1)
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“Starting over? That’s exciting, but painful at the same time, because it means a phase of your life has ended. And there’s that scary place in the middle, when one phase is over and the new phase hasn’t really begun." 

After her husband leaves her for a trophy wife, Anne-Marie Sullivan returns to her home town of Loving's Forge, determined to reinvent herself. Impulsively, she buys a stately but crumbling old mansion, which she intends to convert into an upscale bed and breakfast

Tom Maguire is the best contractor in town, and Anne-Marie needs his help to renovate her bed and breakfast. But she broke his heart years ago, and he hasn't forgotten it.

Neither of them can forget the past, nor can they deny the growing attraction, but can they can they rekindle a love that ended in betrayal long ago? 

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We'll Always Have Paris (Book 2)

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"Perhaps there was no other purpose in loving love. To feel and share joy. And perhaps there was no other purpose to art than to create beauty. But it had been a long time since he had loved for the sake of love, or created art for its own sake."

When Jeannie Carson was a young college student, she spent a year in Paris and fell deeply in love with Pierre Delacroix, a struggling young artist. But Pierre's passion was his art, and when Jeannie returned to Loving's Forge, she tried to forget what had happened in Paris, and married her high school sweetheart.

Decades later, now widowed, Jeannie returns to Paris for a visit. A long forgotten painting in a gallery leads her back to Pierre, and a terrible accident forces her to prolong her stay in Paris. Pierre offers to take care of her until she can travel, and the old feelings resurface. 

But bringing Pierre back into her life will force Jeannie to reveal a secret she had thought long buried - a secret that threatens to tear her family apart.

The Shamrock Pub (Book 3)

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“Even a wise man can be a fool in love.” 

The last person Roxanne Mason expects to turn up at her bed and breakfast is her estranged husband, Vince. He'd gone to  prison more than twenty years ago for murder. But he's back, and he's determined to create havoc.

To get away from Vince, Roxanne takes refuge in Loving's Forge. Liam O'Malley, owner of the Shamrock Pub, gives her a job and a place to live. There's mutual attraction, but neither is ready to risk a relationship. Both need to come to terms with tragedies in their past before they can love again.

But when Vince strikes at Roxanne, the barriers come down and Liam finally reveals the secret he has kept for more than thirty years.


A Home of Our Own (Book 4)

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“We may not even know why we were put on this earth. But sooner or later, we’ll find ourselves in a position to make a difference. To help someone, or create something beautiful. God has a plan for all of us, and sometimes it takes us by surprise.”

After leaving an abusive marriage, Shirley Barnette is finally getting her life together - building up her real estate business and dating a successful businessman. But a tragic accident changes everything, and she finds herself struggling to raise four small children. 

When Shirley needs a place to stay, Rob Sparks opens his farmhouse to Shirley and the children, but he isn't prepared for the havoc that four small children can cause.

A heartwarming story of deep friendship that turns into love, and four orphaned children who finally find a home of their own.

It's Never Too Late (Book 5)

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"Love puts people in a kind of haze, you know. They don’t think clearly. Emotions take over. The heart leads, but the heart knows only its own ways, and not those of the world. More’s the pity." 

When Deputy Elmer Hodges gives a traffic ticket to Anita Bressett, the new librarian in Loving's Forge, he is smitten. His mother, Elvira, doesn't approve, and is determined to sabotage their relationship. She finds out that Anita is hiding a shameful secret. But in revealing that secret, Elvira gets caught up in her own web of deceit and must confront a painful scandal from her own past.